One of Bernhard Krug's goals is to promote industrialisation in the construction industry, which largely still operates using traditional methods.

His trademark: resolving problems to such an extent that they become solvable.

"Problems can never be solved using the same method of thinking that created them." (Albert Einstein)

Dr. Bernhard Krug (BM DI FH Dipl.-Ing.), holds a doctorate in civil engineering and is a construction engineer. He has been a managing partner of REPRECT since 09/2018.

Prior to that he was head of the research and development department at Oberndorfer, where he was responsible for all R&D activities, both technical and commercial.

In addition to his work as a researcher and developer, he has acquired practical know-how as the commercial managing director of Hongar Bau.

Bernhard Krug has a scientific approach and is well connected with scientific institutes and the research community.

Here is an overview of his scientific activities in teaching and in industry:

  • Several projects funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) on concrete and its applications, primarily in the precast industry.
  • Dissertation: "Monitoring-based non-linear probabilistic analysis of the shear force bearing capacity of pre-stressed concrete precast elements".
  • Software for the automated creation of project documents
  • Thesis student mentor
  • Part-time lecturer at the FH university in Wels FH Wels
  • Guest speaker at the TU Graz TU Graz
  • Various international publications and conference lectures


  1. Where do stairs lead?
  2. What colour is concrete?
  3. Attitude towards technology?
  4. Your future?

Bern­hard Krug

  1. Me? => to reprect.
  2. Concrete grey!
  3. Scientific - analytical - systematic
  4. Striving for us to become a global player by influencing innovations in the construction industry.