Ideas don't retire.“ That is something that Alfred Redlberger is absolutely sure about.

A man with so much expertise can never retire. His professional experience and knowledge include development, product and manufacturing technology, process organisation, controlling, plant and facility planning as well as production management, plant management, business management and leadership of an international group of companies.

Alfred Redlberger also uses this wealth of knowledge as a technical consultant and has been a managing partner at REPRECT since June 2018.

His trademark: Developing patentable solutions by applying unconventional ways of thinking and 1,000 creative thoughtsThat's why he always has pens and graph paper notebooks with him. Alfred Redlberger is the owner of numerous patents and the inventor of more than 30 patents, most of which are registered worldwide.

For example, the patent with the number AT405852(B), registered on 27 December 1999, has helped to sustainably improve road safety throughout Europe: Concrete guide walls for highways and motorways consisting of interconnecting elements.

With his inventions, Alfred Redlberger also made it possible to industrialise the production of precast concrete staircases. - It could be described like an instruction manual for IKEA furniture, except in our factory it is machines that do the work. The staircase project was only the beginning." says Bernhard Krug.

Alfred Redlberger is also the inventor and owner of two patents for the industrialisation of on-site construction services using precast concrete elements.

Vox pops

  1. Where do stairs lead?
  2. What colour is concrete?
  3. Attitude towards technology?
  4. Your future?

Alfred Redlberger

  1. Upwards.
  2. White, grey, black.
  3. Practical - technology must not be complicated.
  4. Providing support with new ideas.