Florian Redlberger is the engineer. Due to his enthusiasm for everything to do with technology, he began his career as a car mechanic and workshop foreman and graduated as an engineer from a vocational course at technical college. Florian Redlberger is a mechatronics engineer for machine and production engineering and has been a managing partner at REPRECT since September 2018.

His trademark: Comprehensive technical expertise as well as precision and perfection

In the course of his professional activity he moved from cars to the IT industry. His affinity for technology then led him to Rebloc for six years, where he was in charge of production management for the manufacture of steel formwork and steel components, quality assurance and purchasing. 
In addition, Florian Redlberger was involved in development projects and was also responsible for the installation of components on site in Austria.

His expertise includes the development and implementation of prototypes as well as designing and manufacturing components.

His training as a mechanic, technical college graduate, mechatronics engineer and his professional experience form the basis for his wide-ranging expertise in solving complex tasks.

Vox pops

  1. Where do stairs lead?
  2. What colour is concrete?
  3. Attitude towards technology?
  4. Your future?

Florian Redlberger

  1. To the next level.
  2. Concrete can have many colours. The shade depends on the starting material.
  3. Solve problems.
  4. Unearthing ideas and implementing them in practical applications.